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CISCO LIVE! in Milan

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THE BRIEF: To create a band playing solely on iPads to open a world conference for the global leader in networking and communications.

“No one else is doing this – can it be done?” was the question asked by our client. “YES!” was the answer!

Dipping into our fantastic pool of musicians, we were looking for the right people to combine technology and rock music. A lot of the musicians we work with are massive tech fans and it wasn’t hard to source the right ones!

We took the time to find the right applications to use on the iPads, of course with technology there is always a risk that the device might freeze, or the app not work, and we wanted to ensure we had the most reliable apps and devices and arrange a contingency if this did happen on the day! Once the applications were fully tested we then set about putting together a set list – rock music to be played at 9am!


RockPad was flown to Italy where the conference was taking place, and the event went off without a hitch – 3000 delegates all serenaded at 9.00am with rock music was certainly different!

I’m at Cisco’s annual Live conference in Milan for the Guardian. It is 9:30 and people are singing ‘We will rock you’. Yes! #cleur

Band playing only with iPads #rockpad great. #cleur

An iPad band at the keynote. How cool and geekish is that? #cleur

Enjoying the opening iPad only rock band (RockPad) at the #cleur keynote. #VMware

Awesome performances on the stage by #rockpad #cleur

Whoa, just realised band is using iPads as musical instruments. Sounds awesome! #cleur

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