We're here to take the stress of running an event away from you completely - giving you complete peace of mind so you can simply enjoy yourself!

Our R&R back of house/stage management team are the glue that holds events together!

We bridge the gap from production to client to artist, ensuring schedules for your event run to time and that communication between all teams works for the benefit of the event. On the odd occasion when something isn't quite going in the right direction we will steer and guide all teams back on track in a professional calm and effective manner.

Arriving on site ahead of special guests and talent to ensure everything technical is ready and up and running, all backstage areas are set up correctly and everyone has everything they need.

We absorb everything that is going on around us and endeavour to preempt any issues that may arise, dealing with them promptly and efficiently so you don't have to worry about a thing and can simply enjoy your event!

We are always one step ahead.

We're always prepped with knowledge of the venue layout including dressing rooms and rest rooms along with the easiest route to get to them - this may sound simple but these small touches can often be over looked in the grand scheme of an event. Additionally, we know all health and safety procedures and emergency exit plans, in the un-likely event that they are required.

R&R's back of house team work with the artists, bands and DJs through sound checks, including problem solving with sound and light teams to ensure all requirements from both sides are met and that they run to time. Being a point of contact on the day for all questions and requests to artists and clients. Including hair and make-up teams, and take charge of the management of artist/special guests through-out an event.

We can also offer creative ideas for playlists and running orders and for concepts and staging if this hasn't been prearranged.

"I can't imagine a more organised or attentive event liaison! Amy simply didn't miss a trick."

"I am writing on behalf of us all at Ascot to thank you and your team for your hard work and dedication which enabled this year's Royal Meeting to be such a success. The feedback has been very strong and we are truly grateful for all your support"


"As I said on the night you all 'exceeded my expectations by 200% and more'. Can't thank you enough and look forward to many more jobs together."


"As an event manager of many years' I've worked with a huge number of bands and artists – some very well known and others less so. I have to say it was a real delight to work with you and to have the rare opportunity to really relax and enjoy the show. The client absolutely raved about it!"