With a combined 60 years of performing experience and vocals that rival some of the greats, these boys are world class and do not disappoint. 

Did anyone see how incredible Xavier were on BBC’s “All Together Now” recently? They definitely have “harmonies to die for” quoted by Geri Halliwell! We are SO excited to announce they’re available to book through R&R!

The Award Winning BBC TV Show ‘ALL TOGETHER NOW’ the 100 Judges must be seduced enough to stand up and sing along with the act. XAVIER won their week with 97 out of 100 judges standing!

An exclusive interview with the band!

What genre would you say the band is and how long have you been together?

“We sing the latest pop hits with our signature Xavier sound. We have been together for around 9 months as ‘Xavier’ however, we have all worked together on different project for many years now! We’re born all over the UK: Jase is from Ipswich, Michael is from Newcastle, Joseph is from Leicester and Ben is from Leeds. We all now live in London.”

Who inspires you musically and do you have a favourite artist?

“Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Frankie Valli, Lady Gaga inspire us musically, just to name a few! I think our favourite artist at the moment is John Legend. It changes a lot as we are constantly listening to new artists. Our dream performance would have to be Glastonbury!”

If you could only eat one more for the rest of your life what would it be?


Do you have any interesting facts?

“Performing on BBC’s All together now was an amazing experience and we loved every second of it! We can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

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