Supergroup is a truly unique band consisting of some of the finest session musicians in the UK. Absolute masters in the field, Supergroup play a concoction of some of the best rock and pop hits from all different eras and have performed at a variety of events in multiple cities and venues across the world.

I caught up with frontman Ryan Burnett from the awesome band to ask him a few questions about the life of a Supergrouper! Although it turned out to be more like a declaration of his love for Supergroup’s drummer; Darby Todd…


When did the Supergroup form?

Ryan: “We put the band together December 2015. Darby called me up to see if I wanted to do a gig at Mayfair in London. That was our first show since touring together back in 2009 in other bands, he hasn’t been able to get rid of me again since”

Being an inspirational musician yourself, who or what is your musical or non musical inspiration?

Ryan: “Darby Todd is my inspiration. Always and forever.”

So you guys have played all over the place, but what and where is your favourite venue that you’ve ever performed at?

Ryan: “There’s a few for me. Getting to play the Hammersmith Apollo for two sold out nights with Deep Purple was pretty special. Main stage at Download festival was unbelievable. Then it would have to be the Manchester Apollo as I grew up watching all my favourite bands in there, walking out on that stage was pretty surreal.”

What and where is the most OBSCURE place that you have performed at?

Ryan: “It’s not really obscure, but I once played in a bar in Sunderland, and what I can only describe as a western style bar brawl broke out as we were playing. Chairs and tables being thrown across the room, then there was a police raid. We still got paid.”

What’s your claim to fame?

Ryan: “I once got Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit to introduce one of my video diaries at Rock Am Ring. Other than that, the fact that I have Darby Todd’s phone number”

I’m intrigued to know what the most embarrassing or awkward thing that has happened to you on stage?

Ryan: “I just finished a tour where I was incorrectly introduced by the singer as ‘Bryan’, for the rest of the tour there was a crowd chant of ‘Bryan’ every single night.”

Is there a particular place/venue that you would love to perform at in future?

Ryan: “I saw The Killers at Red Rocks in Denver Colorado a few years back. It’s the most stunning setting for a gig and I’ve always wanted to play there since. Top of the list.”

You perform absolute classics and modern hits with Supergroup but what is your own particular favourite song to perform and why?

Ryan: “With Supergroup, I’d say ‘Shake It Off’, as I have a deep deep, deep underlying love for Taylor Swift and EVERYTHING SHE STANDS FOR.”

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

Ryan: “That one day, I might well be as beautiful as Darby Todd”

And finally, here’s a fun one; do you have any hidden talents at all?

Ryan: “I’m rather good at cooking eggs.”


So if you want a great egg breakfast or a sensational event band then check out the Supergroup’s music video below: