One of the hottest new bands to hit the UK event scene!

With their high-energy set compiled of the biggest current chart hits – think Dua Lipa, Martin Solveig, Sigala, Ariana Grande – you have a non-stop party set with incredible vocals, edgy live musical arrangements, medleys and mash-ups!

Their exceptional performance will leave your audience’s heart ‘Beatz’ racing for more!

Let’s meet the band!

“Hello! We are Beatz and we’re from London. We would position ourselves in the pop/club genre in music. We are inspired by artists like Beyonce and Bruno Mars who put on incredible music and stage performances at their shows! We aim to achieve just this, and full experience for the audience.”

“Our favourite artists at the moment would have to be Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa! Our drummer just got back from playing an amazing performance at Coachella last week!”

Lastly we asked Beatz if they could only eat one thing for the rest of their life what would it be, to which they replied “a double cheese burger, fries and a salad to be healthy!” 😂 This band is talented AND knows their stuff, it is all about the balanced diet! Haha

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