Think colour, think energy, think sass and kick ass! Party Rockers mix Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and a shed loads of sequins to create a night to remember!

THE PARTY ROCKERS are made up of some of the UK’s top musicians who have amidst them around 35 years of experience rockin’ stages and entertaining the masses.

They have performed alongside Lady Gaga, Boy George, Take That, and Razorlight to name a few! They have been heard in West End productions and seen on stage & screen including appearances on Top of The Pops, TFI Friday and T4, as well as filling tents at Download Festival, and even headlining Glastonbury.

An exclusive interview with Kirsty and Nick from the band!

How long have you been performing together and how did it all start?

“After working for many high end operate bands who all delivered the same boring experience. We decided to start a band that delivers the fun and energy of a full on pop/rock show! There are 6 of us in the band and collectively we worked out we’ve been gigging for over 150 years! See… mythical creatures indeed!”

What’s your favourite thing about performing?

“Seeing someone who hasn’t been out for months let their hair down and enjoy themselves, genuinely. Sometimes it makes me smile when you do a silly dance move and the audience don’t realise but they become our mirrors and we find out we’re doing some hilarious moves! AND THE GLITTER! and rapping over 90s tunes…. I enjoy it all! One of Nicks highlights was a Young Farmers convention, Blackpool. 5,000 18-20 year olds going completely nuts!!! What’s not to love! Here’s a photo!”

Who inspires you musically?

“I know it’s cliche but The Beatles! P!nk, Spice Girls, No Doubt, Imogen Heap, Kelly Clarkson, Gloria Estefan, Kylie and Madonna as I was growing up but in terms what inspires Party Rockers musically, think the start of MTV Generation, whether it’s Rock, Funk, or Pop, it gets delivered with energy and sass!”

Do you have a favourite ever album/song?

Nick says “Maybe I’m Mazed by Paul McCartney! One of the finest Vocals ever!” However Kirsty replied to this “That is haaaaaard!! I can’t do it! You can’t make me! Ok, let’s limit this – so my favourite song in the set at the moment is a toss up between How Will I know by Whitney or Pretty Fly For A White Guy by The Offspring! I’ll get back to you when I know, it can be a breaking news post!”

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