Ever wondered what it’s like to be backstage at a festival? Or even better – what it’s like to be on stage? With several of your favorite 80’s superstars?

We want to know too! So, we picked the brains of our Amazing 80’s drummer, Jon Finnigan – who did just that!

I was playing drums for the Amazing 80’s show that hot sunny day at Evoke. The whole day was an amazing build up with the sun out as I arrived for an early

sound check with the band. Once we were all set up I had a little wander around the festival, it was a great vibe and had a really nice family feel about it and punters all seemed to lapping up the sun and getting ready for the evening’s event to unfold.

I wandered out to a few food stalls (and had myself a lovely Thai curry and a coffee!) and headed backstage to prepare for the evenings show.’

The Kings

‘The Kings played a monster set’ –Jon Finnigan

From the side of the stage, I watched The Kings play a monster set (on what was singer Mitchel Emms’ birthday!) to a glorious approval from the day’ audience! It would be a tough act to follow!

After The Kings set it was time to go! Backstage had a nice feeling with all the 80’s stars walking about getting ready for their performance! I made a few last minute checks on my drums and then it was time….

We warmed the audience up with our incredible singer Tom Billington opening with ‘1999’ and we were in full flow…. then it was on to the stars of the night! 


First up was Katrina from Katrina and the waves who played hits including Eurovision winning song ‘Love shine a light’ and of course ‘Walking on Sunshine’. (Woooahh!)

Gary Christian

Next up we had Gary Christian from the band The Christians playing a host of hits including their big 80’s smash ‘Harvest for the World’. I hadn’t met Gary before the show, so the moment he came on stage was our first meeting which made for an electrifying performance!!


I was really excited about the next act! Denise from Five Star, who I have had the pleasure of working with before playing some of my favorite 80’s tunes which took me back to my youth….. the big one for me was next up!!! 


Toya Wilcox who we all admire so much as an artist! It was my first time playing with Toyah and we had the pleasure of having a dressing room next to Toyah backstage and she kept popping in for a chat and sharing stories about her years as an artist – she was a true gem of a person to meet and an absolute monster performer! 

We played some of her massive hits ‘It’s a mystery’ and  ‘I wanna be free!’ To incredible appreciation from the crowd.

Paul Young

‘It was truly a special night’- Jon Finnigan

Lastly (the big one!) Paul Young came out to finish the event with some of his biggest hits opening with ‘Living in the love of the common people’ and pulling the audience in with ‘Wherever I lay my hat’ amongst other well known hits but finished his set and the festival with every time you go away it was truly a special night.’ – Jon Finnigan, Amazing 80’s (behind the red kit!)