Today is the 20th February which means it’s #loveyourpetday! So, in honour of this, we pay tribute to R&R’s one and only mascot, Charlie. 🐶💖 Read all about him in his team bio below.

Gifted to us by the directors of R&R, Rachel and Rick, Charlie has been a keen member of the team and has been watching over us for many years now. Some say this is because he’s “waiting for food” but they don’t understand, that’s just what he wants you to think… 😬😂

The company would not be standing without Charlie, for legal reasons we cannot say what exactly he does for R&R. All you need to know is you don’t want to mess with him!

In his free time Charlie enjoys biscuits and searching for crumbs. Besides food, Charlie LOVES cuddling, dressing up and being the no.1 fan to our bands.


What’s your favourite song? Food, glorious food – Oliver Twist

What’s your favourite film? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

What’s your worst fear? Running out of food

Describe yourself in one word? Hungry. (All the time).