This was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best gigs we have played, we always knew it was going to be a little special when we were told that we would be playing for the lovely people at NAPP on a fully circular stage with the audience on all sides!…U2 eat your heart out! haha!

Yet again it was another of this summers beautifully sunny days as the RPJ boys turned up for the earliest sound check they have ever done,…8am!!!…SERIOUSLY?!!! I mean you are pretty lucky if any musician is even moving around at that time let alone playing Sex On Fire at full volume!

The Staging was utterly incredible with full flown PA that would have put the O2 to shame and 3 enormous LED Screens on 3 sides,…this really promised to be a spectacular gig.


What followed was nothing short of incredible,…the RPJ Boys were fired up from the first chord,…and Rick was off all over the stage, like a tazmanian devil he was running from side to side even off the stage and climbing the trussing,…the audience responded in kind and went bonkers!…and I mean BONKERS!!!

The full set flew by and everyone in the Cambridge Science Park was on their feet, singing, dancing on tables, waving and chanting and then culminating in the most fantastic stage invasion for the last song!…..this was majorly unexpected and the band were swamped by hundreds of dancing people, Rick had to climb on to a lighting rig riser just to be able to sing at the tumultuous audience,…a fantastic moment for sure!

Quite simply this had to go down as one of the best parties ever, and at the end the RPJ boys were completely exhausted and buzzing.


Rick commented

” Well that was a stunning gig,…we always give a hundred and ten percent and it is always amazing to get that and more back from such an amazing audience,… i feel like i have run a marathon and then gone ten rounds with Mike tyson!!!”

Thank you NAPP…we love you!