Yes we certainly didn’t think that we would ever play under a real life space rocket, but that is exactly what happened when the RPJ Band were booked to play for their friends at TESCO.
The Venue unsurprisingly was the incredible London Science Museum, and the stage was built directly under the British built ‘Black Arrow Space Rocket, which enabled Great Britain to be the fourth nation to launch its own satellite! (see these blogs are even educational now! – Ed).

The most unusual view from a microphone ever?

Hidden away the band weren’t event allowed to sound check, a quick line check and then straight in as they were revealed to the guests later, luckily The RPJ band are renowned to be one of the fastest sound checking bands around so this wasn’t a problem at all!

The Tesco staff were cought thoroughly by surprise as the drapes fell and the Rocket Stage was revealed!…and The RPJ Boys delivered a truly galactic set to have everyone singing dancing and rocking the night away in a manner that any extraterrestrial being would have been proud of.

The London Science Museum, an incredible venue for a gig.

A truly interstellar night was had by all!