Amy Denison, Marketing Executive at R&R agency.
Photographs taken by Neneh O’Dowd.

“Fancy this for your first week at work? Working behind the scenes at Ascot Races?”

Surely not, I gasped. Half in stark horror that I knew I didn’t have an appropriate dress, half in absolute excitement that this is one of the biggest summer events of the year! … and i’ve been asked to go?! Little ol’ me? What could I possibly be doing? 

Hello, my name is Amy Denison, it is a pleasure to e-virtually meet you! I am 20 years old, who is currently a student at Nottingham Trent University, studying Marketing. I have been lucky enough to lock down, my ultimate dream placement of working as a Marketing Executive, in a Music Events agency (R&R agency). I would be lying if I said my life didn’t revolve around social media and music… so you can imagine, I knew INSTANTLY this role was going to be a bit-of-me!

I was extremely apprehensive last Monday morning, where I was about to work in my FIRST EVER office. As I walked anxiously through the doors, I was pleasantly surprised all of my nerves were instantly forgotten. The staff, especially my CEO Rachel, made me feel welcome and one of the team (I received a personalised mug AND some sweets…it really is the little things, isn’t it?). By the end of my first day at work I already felt settled in.

Anyway, enough babbling on about myself. You’ve clicked on this post to hear about our epic trip to Ascot, not to read a copy of my diary entry from my first week at work! So, after borrowing 50 quid off my dad (student problems), we all got our best frocks on a drove down to Ascot Racecourse.

Upon arrival we met the rest of the team in one of the “green rooms” which are essentially a dressing room for artists performing. Already in there was DJ-Aroxx, one of our artists, who was lovely and it was the start of a very surreal day out. I started to feel like a celeb with my “STAFF” wristband on, allowing us to go through exclusive shortcuts and special tents (and free hot dogs, YUM! Surely this day couldn’t get better?)

After taking too many selfies, we waddled in our heels around all of the exclosures (meanwhile the unthinkable started to happen. What is this sharp burning pain at the back of my ankles? I begun to question myself, aggressively. To my horror, I saw a bit of skin hanging off that, quite frankly, was definitely was not there this morning. WHY do us females have to go through this pure agony? And why have I not brought any plasters?). Soon after this realisation, we luckily managed to catch “The Rise” finishing their set. They were a fun acoustic two man band, which definitely lifted my mood. 

After riding the carousel with my team we watched The Choon Chaps”, who They are essentially an upbeat, acoustic, four man band, who thoroughly were entertaining. They performed their twist on all-time favourite songs such as Wonderwall by Oasis, which left the audience belting out lyrics along with them. I was on Instagram story duty, where I was uploading 15 seconds video’s of the performances straight onto R&R agencies story (how else would we keep everyone updated on what we’re doing with our weekend?).

I was then lucky enough to head backstage (and on the actual stage!) to watch the “Faithettes”, who blew the audience away by their sensational energy, vocals and dancing. They also had their talented musicians on stage with them, who were all lovely and a pleasure to meet.  If you enjoy soul music with a hip-hop twist, this is definitely the band for you! They performed timeless classics such as Amy Winehouse, “Valerie” which got the crowd up on their feet and dancing and singing with their friends

Next up was DJ Chris Stark, who got the crowd going with his mix of current tracks and hold classics such as “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. He also played “Will Griggs on fire” which favoured the younger (slightly) merrier crowd.

Somehow the day has flown by and it’s now 7pm (feet update: sore, achy, with some form of the skin on my ankles left) and however, this is became very worth the wait (and pain), as it’s about as it’s time to see “Furnace and the Fundamentals”. The band are a group of 6 lovely Aussie’s, who I met a couple of times before they performed. They definitely did not disappoint with their phenomenal set. I have never heard such a variety of songs in such a small amount of time. They included well-thought out mashup of hits, from Robbie Williams “Angels”, Paul Simon “You can call me al” to my personal favourite The lion king “The Circle of Life”. I have no doubt that Furnace could rock any age group. 

Their unique energy on stage was infectious throughout the audience, leaving a fantastic atmosphere in the crowd, whom frantically requested one more song. They were truly like no other act i’ve seen before, and no other band I could compare them to.

What a day it has been.

The day was incredible, and I can understand why the entertainment is referred to as ‘outstanding’ as the artists smashed it. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given already on my placement at R&R, and can’t wait for the future.

Now, time for a bath and to bathe my feet in salvon!

Amy D xx