We are very honored to be able to say that this would be our 5th year headlining the Ledbury Ball, and each year this amazing event never fails to impress!

Ledbury 1

The combination of 1000 crazy people, beautiful countryside, an incredible ‘big top’, flying drone cameras, huge lights and 20,000 watts of sound system was always going to be something extremely fun!

For us this feels a little like a homecoming gig, as this crazy crowd are always so welcoming and ready to go bonkers from the moment we come on stage!…and as always they didn’t disappoint!

Ledbury 3

The lights went down and the intro (a heavily modified version of  Bjork’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’) boomed across the big top,…and then ‘BLAM” the boys launched into huge version of ‘Somebody Told Me’ by The Killers,….and the crowd went nuts!!!

The set was crammed full of classics and the barrage of big tune after big tune had everyone in the room singing along, jumping, waving their hands in the air and generally having the night of their lives!….as were the band!

The Boys played a jam packed adrenaline fueled 2hr set and left the crowd, breathless, sweaty and crying out for more.

Ledbury 2

Yet another incredible night which culminated in the ‘Survivors’ picture at 6am!…did we mention we love this gig?!

Ledbury Jo


Hopefully see you all again next year,…and the next,..and the next…..