Welcome to a new year and and a new decade! We hope everyone’s had a relaxing break and we’re excited for what we’ll create in 2020. To start things off… We have a message from our director, Rachel Parfitt:

“I’m really looking forward to what 2020 will bring! We’re going to be creating some new exclusive acts like The Kings and The Electric and we will also be launching our new sister company which will be all the most exciting, engaging and exceptional entertainers that are not musical – think awesome fire breathers, body poppers, acrobats! I’m also excited to build our DJ Live roster which is a real rend in the event industry at the moment! Lots of goals for 2020 and lots of exciting things happening! Watch this space!”

Rachel Parfitt, 2020

Carry on reading to hear the rest of the team’s goals for 2020:

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spin twist GIF by Paramour on Broadway
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forrest gump running GIF

We’d love to hear what your new year goals are… Email us! hello@randragency.co.uk