One of our awesome clients came to us earlier this year and asked if we knew any super cool DJs to perform at their team suite in Le Mans – and we couldn’t think of anyone better for Aston Martin Racing than Ministry of Sound and former Radio One DJ Seb Fontaine! Our wonderful client said, “even I’ve heard of him!”

Seb began the long drive (and ferry crossing!) to Le Mans on the Friday and had a brilliant weekend spinning the decks in the hospitality suite. A evening and late night party on Saturday was then followed by a chilled session on the Sunday (while everyone was recovering from the party the night before)!!

Seb told us;

“My favourite moment was an older gentlemen hanging about near the decks on Sunday afternoon. I thought he was about to ask me to play something from his youth when I realised he was actually “Shazamming” the tunes on his iPhone. I did offer to help him find the names when he proudly proclaimed boldly; “I bloody love this music”. It seemed to sum up the whole spirit of the weekend and made my afternoon.”

Meanwhile, the story of Seb’s biggest fan being ex-England rugby player Jason Robinson who “never stopped dancing” made it back to us here in London from Le Mans!!

A big thank you to Aston Martin Racing, we hope to see you at Le Mans next year!!