This band is a true Supergroup in every sense of the word.

Known for wowing audiences with their energy and showmanship, the talented Supergroup headed over to Copenhagen in January for an extremely special exclusive event. Joining them was the talented DJ K-Bryne, who has a strong passion for both music and technology and is the perfect match for the band.

Supergroup rocking out to the audience in Copenhagen

When they’re not touring with the biggest named celebrity artists they are performing together as a Supergroup at corporate events, award shows and private parties all over the world.

During Supergroups performance the guests were on their feet dancing with their hands in the air from start to finish.

With fantastic songs cleverly re-imagined and incredible audience interaction, Supergroup gave Copenhagen an experience that would rival any Wembley stadium concerts! What a night!

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Introducing DJ K-Byrne

Kieran specialises in creativity and understanding the crowd, which is exactly what he succeeded in doing. Check out a behind the scenes photo of his set-up before the night started and the crowds flooded in!

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Kieran has worked and collaborated with some of the best in the business including Ministry of sound, Tinchy Stryder, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Jaguar Skills, Judge Jules and Hed kandi to name a few. He also enjoys photography on the side and took all of these awesome photos on the blog whilst in Copenhagen.

Sights in Copenhagen…

What a trip… Where would you like to see Supergroup and DJ K-Byrne go next?

Thank you Copenhagen, you rock!