The Electric out-did themselves yet again at their first exclusive event of the year. Three may be a crowd but eleven is undoubtedly a party, and judging by their performance, that party is infectious.

Annie-Grace, Sejal and James commanded the stage from start to finish, whilst the band provided the perfect platform to truly blow the crowd away. With such a wide range of styles and inspirations throughout the band, the combination produces a rare musical phenomenon.

The night provided a crowd-pleasing, dance-floor filling mix. The Electric owned modern classics from the likes of Basement Jaxx to soul diva legend, Aretha Franklin. They really were ‘doing their thing’ and by the end of the night I think we can safely say they gained the crowd’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Every person in the room caught this contagious night fever!

After their stellar performance, it was no wonder they received such high praise:

“The band were amazing! The dance floor was full from start to finish and they looked amazing on stage. We’ll definitely put them forward again”

Jess (HGA Creative)
The Electric commanding the stage!

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