Sometimes, creating yummy Halloween treats can be- tricky! 

Here are some of our favourite spooky baking blunders…maybe we’ll just stick to the traditional sweets this year! 

These ghost pops have turned out to be a real nightmare! Or is it simply a great start to some delicious banana bread??? 

Looks simple enough but it turns out it’s rather challenging to wrap your head around this one! Best to call mummy for advice! 

Maybe this one is just a warning, this guy had too many treats this year! He still looks tasty though! 

Woo-hoo! Spiderman, Spiderma- oh. Oh dear. Something tells me this is one sticky situation that can’t be solved with your Spidey-senses Peter Parker… 

Well, if you were going for spooky – you nailed it! 

This cupcake fail looks like a ghostly Instagram vs reality! Make sure you apply the Boo-uty filter!! 

What’s the funniest spooky fail you’ve seen this year? Churchill once said ‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’ of course, being able to laugh at yourself helps too!