Lowdefest is one of those festivals that you really feel part of when you play it, a true family festival where you are welcomed with open arms. It was a great honour when we found out we were invited back for a third year to headline the whole event!

With that in mind we decided that we would change our set for the crowd as were keen to really give a headline performance to thank everyone for embracing us so fondly!


The day came and the sun shone down on the 5000 strong crowd, and as we arrived backstage we were welcomed by all the staff and volunteers with such warmth, a warmth that was echoed by the audience who were all singing along to all the bands with glittered faces and drinks in hand, simply awesome!

There were some great acts on before us, from fun covers bands through to emerging young talent and it was also great to catch up with our friends from the band ‘RenattaJane’ and ‘As December Falls’, and also the legendary ABC who we have gigged with on many occasions,…a true ‘muso family’ back stage with all the performers watching each other! What an atmosphere!


We finally took to the stage after a huge set by ABC…and as our intro boomed out across the packed festival site it was nearly being drowned out by 5000 people chanting ‘RPJ…RPJ…RPJ’…they were ready, we were ready and we went on an amazing reception…it was time to rock!

I mentioned earlier that we had changed our set somewhat for Lowdefest, which was all aimed at including the audience, because as far as we are concerned, if you are in the audience you are in the band and so it was that when we finished with ‘We are the Champions’ the whole crowd were singing along at the top of their voices….an incredible moment, my thought then was that this is what it must be like to be in ‘One Direction’!!! haha!

In all it was another fantastic evening, at a fantastic festival with fantastic people. Great fun to see & catch up with so many amazing artists and just wonderful to perform for such an incredible cause. 

Long may this brilliant boutique festival continue!